The Chinese Golem: Western countries creates the China Monster to be devoured by its creature

The Chinese Golem

Western countries creates the China Monster to be devoured by its creature

Do the Western countries, and particularly the United States (in 1971), which, following Gaullist France (in 1964), forged diplomatic relationships with Communist China and gave it a respectability patent to the point of admitting it to UNO at the expense of Taïwan, and more, with a permanent position at the Security Council (October 1971), that is to say a power of veto on all the UNO resolutions, are aware of having made a deal with a predator to whom they offer immunity while binding their hands? It was not without warnings from lucid people they rejected as retrograde, such as John Foster Dulles who did not conceived that the world peace could be protected by “a nation that has been convinced of aggression and that continue to encourage the use of force in violation of UNO principles”. During the 1960-1970 years, exactions by the Chinese communist power were well known, committed as well against foreign people fallen under their claws (such as the Tibetan genocide) as against their own people (for example during the Great Leap Forward and the Hundred Flowers campaign which caused 40 to 60 million deaths), but the sensible minds who vituperate against American imperialism had nothing to say against the fanfare recognition of a regime twice as criminal as the Nazis’, that still anyway cheats, loots, oppresses and kills according to its needs.

Even worse, since the admission of China in the concert of nations, capitalists of free countries, baited by a cheap labor and a potential market of 1.37 billion consumers (as if the billion slaves on which Communist capitalism rests can and wants to buy Western products), have delocalized in this country no matter how their factories, even if they must transfer their expertise, result of dozens of years of researches and investments, that Beijing requires in return for their presence on its soil. While for any country wanting to develop itself the capital accumulation is the most important factor to achieve, without getting tired for years, all of a sudden China had a manna of billions of dollars brought willingly by foreign capitalists, manna that it knew how to use to take off and become after thirty years an economic and military power.

During the 1980-1990 years, the delocalizing companies justified their factories closing for Chinese benefit in saying they delegated the production abroad only to better focus on grey matter, id est research and development. But as time goes, they realized that products amelioration cannot come off the production process, and Chinese pressure helping, many of them ended up delocalizing in China even their research service (according to the China science and technology statistics of July 2004, there were in China “128 R&D institutions created by 63 multinational companies” of whom 44 come from the United States and 43 from Europe), condemning their native country to deindustrialisation and mass unemployment, for the greater benefit of the Chinese they contribute to enrich and train to the detriment of their compatriots (as long as the word homeland has a meaning for the multinational leaders!). The irony is that these managers who rush to China in order to dispose of their products on an immense market have only opened their country to the invasion of Chinese products. As for selling their products in China, they do it indeed on the beginning, but as soon as the Chinese have assimilated the technology, facilities of installation disappear, barriers rise and the deceived company ends up withdrawing from China (for example the case of Yahoo, Sullair, Zodiac…), but for one relocation twenty other enterprises continue to succumb to the Chinese larks’ mirror. And the more the Chinese get rich at the same time as the Westerners get off, the more the latter flatten themselves in front of Chinese arrogance to the point of forming a lobby to override any measure unfavourable to China.

In liberalism logic, globalization and free exchange can only be beneficial for everyone. It’s right if the participants are in good faith and apply the same rule of game. But of all countries China is currently the most evil partner, disrespectful of international rules and norms, brutal and corruptive, with the most barbarous regime, prompt to liquidate all heads, not even dissident but simply different, able to grind under the tanks young demonstrators at Tiananmen, to disembowel millions of Falungong to take organs intended for their infamous but profitable traffic, to project the extermination of entire populations such as the Tibetan people and presently the Vietnamese people, ally of the worst states of the planet it protects by its veto against any sanction of UNO (case of the Mullahs’ Iran and of the Darfur slaughterer Sudan).

While China amasses billions on billions of dollars and extends its hold on the entire world, the WTO, under Chinese lobby influence, continues to grant it the developing countries statute with derogations in commercial and monetary matters which penalize free countries. Happily, with anti-dumping procedures, European Union does not recognize it (yet) as a free market state unlike more than 80 other countries (among them are Swiss and Australia) reluctant to displease the Chinese juggernaut though they know it as dirigiste and cheater. With Chinese products surging even more in their homeland, their citizens will certainly consume at low price but expose themselves to lethal dangers. For dishonesty reigns in Chinese entrepreneurship, where to increase profits, producers and merchants don’t hesitate to use forbidden and carcinogenic chemicals in very high doses, poisoning up to food. According to a report by the European Commission in 2016, 62% of dangerous products arriving in Europe come from China. Controls, when they exist, are difficult and cannot be systematic.

Instead of using their 3000 billions of foreign currency reserves (2017 figure) for repairing environmental damages and for relieving the life of hundreds of million victims of their forced industrialization politic, Chinese leaders

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