Vietnamese kidnapped for organs harvest

Tài liệu của đài TV Đại hàn : Tầu mổ sống lấy nội tạng

Vietnamese kidnapped by Chinese agents for organs harvest

In July 2016, Vietnam police in a province on the Chinese border issued a notice warning the public about Chinese human traffickers, who were reportedly kidnapping vulnerable Vietnamese for organ smuggling, according to documents obtained by Epoch Times.

In October, Vietnamese state television aired investigative reports on China’s underground organ procurement operations, which partly target Vietnamese.

The new revelations of organ transplant abuse, targeting citizens of country neighboring China, come as China’s organ transplant system is being put under increasing scrutiny. Last year, investigators published a massive compendium of transplant abuses targeting prisoners of conscience, and at a recent summit at the Vatican, Pope Francis declined to attend, after the presence of Chinese officials became a scandal in the press.

On July 27, 2016, a local police station in the northern Vietnamese province of Lao Cai, on the border with China, alerted the community about a spate of kidnappings that ended macabrely.

“Sixteen victims have been kidnapped and harvested for organs (liver, kidney, heart, eyes …) at Ha Giang Province near the border of Vietnam and China,” according to a document sent to Si Mai Ca District police station. “After investigation, the kidnappers were identified as Chinese.”

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