Chinese dumping in USA: aluminium, steel

chinese_steel_aluminium factory inner Mongoly

China’s aluminum producers may feel they can afford to be relaxed about the imposition of U.S. anti-dumping measures, the example of what has happened to their counterparts in the steel industry may prove instructive. (Reuters Nov 30/17)

The United States has also leveled accusations against China about dumping steel, and although the issue was discussed at high-levels talks in Washington in July, no measures have yet been imposed on Chinese exports.

Similar to aluminum, China’s steel exports to the United States are a small percentage of its overall shipments abroad, a factor that allowed Chinese steel mills to appear nonchalant about the threats of action by the Trump administration.

Also similar to aluminum, China isn’t a major supplier of steel to the United States, with it ranking 10th, well behind the top suppliers, the U.S. neighbors of Canada and Mexico.

In theory, for both steel and aluminum, Chinese exporters should be able to shrug off U.S. anti-dumping duties, or the threat thereof.

But the importance lies much more in the symbolism.


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