Tibetan people are burned alive, boiled alive, buried alive by China (The Tibet Post International)

Tibetan Genocide

According to the Central Tibetan Administration, « Tibetans were not only shot, but also were beaten to death, crucified, burned alive, drowned, mutilated, starved, strangled, hanged, boiled alive, buried alive, drawn and quartered, and beheaded. » According to The Black Book of Communism, the Chinese Communists carried out a cultural genocide against the people of Tibet. Jean-Louis Margolin states that the killings were proportionally larger in Tibet than China proper, and that « one can legitimately speak of genocidal massacres because of the numbers involved. »

Adam Jones, another western scholar, from Canada specializing in genocide, notes that after the 1959 Tibetan uprising, the Chinese authorized struggle sessions against reactionaries, during which « …communist regime denounced, tortured, and frequently executed enemies of the people. » These sessions resulted in over 92,000 deaths out of a population of about 6 million. These deaths, Jones stresses, may be seen not only as a genocide but also as ‘eliticide’ – « targeting the better educated and leadership oriented elements among the Tibetan population. »

We must know that China is still a regime both authoritarian and totalitarian that violates not only the rights of Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhists and Muslim Uighur, but also its own Chinese citizens— increasing the sense of terror among the people and repressing any dissent. Some very heartbreaking attention-grabbing facts:
· 1.2 million Tibetans have been slaughtered since the Chinese occupation.
· Over six thousand monasteries and temples and historical structures looted and destroyed beyond repair.
· Tibet’s ecosystem has been severely damaged: vast regions of forest have been removed whilst numerous wildlife species decimated just for food by the Chinese.
· Tibet’s substantial mineral resources have been pillaged and continues to this date.
· One quarter of China’s nuclear missiles are stationed in Tibet.
· China is using Tibet as a dumping ground for nuclear waste.
· Some four hundred thousand Chinese troops are based in Tibet.
· Over 8 million Chinese colonists have moved into Tibet in a step to dominate the Tibetans.
· A secret Chinese document in 1992 revealed plans to swamp the Tibetan population with even more Chinese.
· Forced abortions, many in late pregnancy, and sterilization of Tibetan women is not uncommon.
· Hundreds of Tibetan political prisoners are being held including the Panchen Lama. They are burned alive, boiled alive, buried aliv.
· Over 150,000 Tibetans are in exile worldwide, including India and Nepal.
· In 1959, the international Commission of Jurists found that genocide had been committed in Tibet.
· Nomads are forced to end their traditional way of life.
· Chairman Mao wanted to blow-up the Potala – as they did with the Chakpori – to break the Tibetan spiritual spirit.
· Forced to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama, their own spiritual and temporal leader, his chosen Panchen Lama Gedun Choekyi Nyima; Tibetans must pledge their allegiance to the Chinese government. Failure to do so can result in imprisonment or other forms of severe punishment. Celebrating birthday celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, commemorating anniversaries or festivals, and possessing an image of His Holiness the Dalai Lama or Tibetan flag is still illegal in Tibet today.
· More than 80% of Tibetans in Tibet still live below the poverty line. Trulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche’s case  is one example of the human rights abuses being carried out the regime on the roof of the world.

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