No Vaccine, No Medication Against Coronavirus : Auto Hemo Therapy, great stimulator of immunity power of our body Don’t wait death coming to you, use Auto Hemotherapy – Chloroquine of Pr Didier Raoult against Coronavirus


No Vaccine, No Medication Against Coronavirus

 Auto Hemo Therapy, great stimulator of immunity power  against virus attacks

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Nguyễn Đình Nhân

At present, vaccines against the new coronavirus cannot be produced as quickly as in previous epidemics.  According to one serious source, the testimony of a senior Chinese intelligence official in Wuhan, this coronavirus is a biological weapon made in a city laboratory which inadvertently lets it escape.

This information corroborates the statements of an article in the journal Nature in 2017, « Inside the Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens », which reports the existence of a Chinese laboratory that « studies the most dangerous pathogens in the world »  .

At that moment, people continue to die, the doctors who care for the sick die one after the other.

We must react, we must not wait to be hit by these viruses which multiply and quickly enter everywhere.

Our situation looks like :

We are in a citadel, an enemy army is moving towards us, (coronavirus) we do not have attack troops (medicine, vaccine) to go and destroy the enemy before he enters our house.

Within the citadel, we have only one defensive force (macrophages) and our one and only solution is to strengthen our defenses.  Our body is responsible for this task.

The therapeutic power of our body:

Why, 6 months after the birth, though invaded by pollution and dirt, therefore by viruses, microbes, hostile bacteria of all kinds, the baby do not  get sick?  Because he has an immunological system that protects him by repelling all attacks from the outside.

As the baby grows up, chemicals are prescribed to him that weaken his natural defenses. And later, throughout his life, he will depend on pharmaceutical prescriptions.

People with weaker immune systems are attacked first during the flu season.

Hence vaccines against each kind of virus are made. And to make vaccines, one must « grow » the virus to find its genetic code.  In the case of the new coronavirus, it is not yet identified. Once identified, it is too powerful, too dangerous for scientists to make virus growth. ln view of the current helplessness, despair incites us to resort to the defense and healing capacities of our body.  It is the immunological defense, our soldiers being macrophages or bacteriophages (bacteria eaters).

Where do these macrophages come from?

Our bone marrow produces macrophages.

The macrophage is a variety of large white blood cells, which have the property of absorbing and destroying large particles, such as a damaged or aged cell, but also foreign elements such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.  by a process called phagocytosis.

In the human body, in times of « peace », the rate of macrophages is 5%, in times of « war », they should be multiplied up to 22%.

How to multiply macrophages?

It is necessary to stimulate the bone marrow which is the producer of macrophages.

Autohemotherapy stimulates the bone marrow.  A very powerful immunological stimulation.

The body hates intruders.  As soon as there is a foreign element that enters the body through different routes, the Reticuloendothelial System (ERS) immediately analyzes the intruder.  The bone marrow then makes the ad hoc macrophages which « eat » these intruders.

The purpose of Auto Hemotherapy is to simulate a hostile attack to induce the Reticulo-Endothelial System to manufacture macrophages.

The application of auto-hemotherapy explained by Dr. Luis Moura:

« You take 10cc of blood from a patient’s vein and inject it into a muscle of his own body.  This injection stimulates the Reticuloendothelial System via the bone marrow for the production of macrophages.  « 

Principle: The blood injected into the muscle functions like a foreign body which must be rejected by the Reticuloendothelial System (SRE).  The Reticuloendothelial System (SER) first identifies the species of bacteria in this 10cc of blood that has just been removed from the vein; if this species of bacteria is in these 10cc of blood, it means that its congeners are throughout the body’s blood.  Then the macrophages start to « eat » all the bacteria which are of the same species as the bacteria that the SRE has just identified. 

They « eat » everything and « cleanse » everything: bacteria, viruses, cancer cells (neoplastics).
They do a total cleansing, even removing fibrin, which is clotted blood.  As long as there is blood in the muscle, the Reticuloendothelial System is activated.  This activation ends after five days.

The normal rate of macrophages is 5% in the blood and with auto hemotherapy, we raise this rate to 22%, for 5 days.  From the 5th to the 7th day, this rate begins to decline, because the blood begins to disappear from the muscle.  And when it has completely disappeared it returns to 5%.  Hence the reason why the auto-hemotherapy is repeated 7 to 7 days.  This is how auto hemotherapy works.  And the result is a very powerful immunological stimulation. « 

The practice

This therapy existed for a hundred years, the arrival of Penicillin made forget this therapy.  Over the past decade, several diseases have become insensitive to antibiotics due to the abuse of these drugs.  As a result, several countries allow auto-hemotherapy.  In France, the pharmaceutical lobbies have succeeded in having this therapy banned.

For this reason, for my personal case, I have to go to Switzerland to seek treatment with auto-hemotherapy.  It is extremely effective, I can even say that it is miraculous for myself.


I have DDB, (Dilatation De Bronche – Bronchodilation)  bronchiectasis.  with recurrent bronchitis.  Hence a dozen takes of antibiotics per year.  One day, I coughed, spit profusely.  The lab tells me that according to the sputum smear test results, no antibiotic can kill my microbes.
Great panic ! I even plan to sign a protocol with labs to serve as their guinea pig.
Fortunatly, I « discovered » Auto Hemo Therapy.  I went to Dr Charvet’s clinic in Nyon, Switzerland.  They took 10cc of blood from my vein and then injected it in me intramuscularly.  It was 4:00 p.m.  In the evening, precisely at 8 p.m., that is to say 4 hours later, I no longer coughed, no longer spit, I slept peacefully all night long without being disturbed by coughing and sputum like previous nights.  Five days later, a second injection.  I do it every 5 days for a month following the guidelines of Dr Moura’s Video from Brazil and the visit of Doctor Paul Hervé Riche from Montpellier hospital in France. Doctor Riche is well known to have saved almost gangrenous legs from amputation by Phago Therapy.  And since that day, more than 5 years ago, my repeated bronchitis attacks have definitely stopped.

Back to practice

Since this therapy is prohibited in France, after observing for a long time how to take the blood and the injection, instead of going to Switzerland, I made myself each « reminder » of auto hemotherapy treatment.

About the Coronavirus

We are no vaccine, and have no other solutions.  While waiting for the remedies, let’s do auto hemotherapy (self-hemotherapy) in using the following common sense sentence:
« If auto hemotherapy doesn’t do us any good, it won’t do us any harm »

Nguyễn Đình Nhân

Editor in chief of <>

Translated from French by Ulrich Blattmann


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  1. Bravo ! bien sûr, au lieu de se barricader contre les virus ou microbes en général, il est évident qu’il est plus sage de booster notre système immunitaire… de vivre sainement, et de se croire – et d’être- FORT, car ce ne sont que les faibles qui sont attaqués ! c’est la loi de la jungle…..

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