State capitalism of China : Chinese dumping forces world into bankruptcy


State capitalism against private capitalism: China plans to afford in a short time, a Western world bankruptcy, followed  by all nations in the world. 


 Dumping is an unfair competition, an exclusionary competition, a kind of predatory pricing by means of selling a product at a loss, at a price below cost price, for purpose of irrevocably ruining and annihilating competitors.

In order to prevent this unfair competition, Westerners have adopted the anti-dumping laws.

These laws are applied only to Westerners and ignored, legally, by China, which is itself a trading partner of Western countries.

In fact, on China’s side, the commercial company is the Chinese state itself. That state’s enterprise is given an unlimited budget and can legally dump in the West because the anti-dumping laws do not apply to China.

On the Western side, the law prohibits states from acting as a commercial company and forbids them to assist their enterprises. They must enforce the anti-dumping law.

The inequality is striking – and on top of that, in front of the lack of solidarity between Western countries, China pushes its cynicism as far as « denouncing » – on December 3, 2013, before a commission of the WTO – the application of the anti-dumping law by the United States.

In view of this boundless state capitalism and the exclusivity of China’s dumping, even all the Western companies put together could never hold out against this gigantic financial power. Westerners are in a state of powerlessness comparable to that of a population trapped in an earthquake.

Chinese dumping has already wreaked havoc on several major economic powers of the western world. The most spectacular are the Bombardier, Alstom and Airbus businesses. For instance, Canada no longer orders trains from Bombardier, a Canadian company, but buys its trains from China. Recently, Canada paid $ 60 million to China instead of $ 103 million to Bombardier for the same products. Similarly, due to Chinese dumping, the important French company Alstom, which specialized in the transportation sector, mainly railway (trains, trams and metros) as well as the electric turbines sectors, is to merge with Siemens Mobility, a large German company.

It is time for Western leaders to break with this suicidal indifference, and stop turning a blind eye to a reality with which we are all too familiar.

This very dangerous apathy for this serious plague already at our doorsteps has urged us to act as whistleblowers. Thanks to, we will showcase overwhelming press reviews, pertaining documents and overwhelming testimonies on the matter.

Le us point out that we are not against the Chinese people, who will itself suffer the consequences of the hegemonic and genocidal dream of their leaders. The fate of those people is similar to that of the German and Japanese peoples, victims of the totalitarian madness of Hitler and the Japanese militarist dictatorship.




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